Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

I'm back from vacation with the first of many posts inspired by my daughter who turns 5 next week!  I have been busy making birthday cards and birthday party invitations that are delightfully pink and girly.  My biggest problem is keeping my daughter from swiping the cards for her personal collection. 

This card was inspired by the cover of Cricut Magazine's special birthday issue.  I bought the Sweet Treats cartridge specifically for the candle numbers, but it also has many other cute and fun designs.  

Making the card was simple.  Using the image guide, I cut out all of the components with the machine set at 5 inches.  I scored and folded the back piece so the card would open.  I stamped the sentiment on scrap paper and rounded the corners.  Lastly, I attached a bow with Glue Dots.

Later this week I will show another version of this card that I made for birthday party invitations.  

Finished card measures 5" from top to bottom. 


  1. I really love this. What do you mean you scored and folded the back? How exactly did you do that?

  2. Hi! A score, as it relates to paper, is a shallow depression made in the paper that helps make a nice fold. Do make the score on the five, I placed a ruler about half inch from the top of the back piece and traced a line with the pointy edge of a bone folder. If you do not have a bone folder, you could do it with the blunt end of a similar object. The goal is to make a dent without cutting or piercing the paper. Fold along this line and glue the top portion to the front of the card. Please email me at if you have any other questions!


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