Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration with Epiphany Crafts

The first time I used Pinterest, it was a total rush!  I would come back a couple of times a day to check out new stuff and pin more stuff.  As time went on, however, I found that I needed a Pinterest inspiration fix several times a day.  And heaven forbid I miss something totally awesome because I didn't scroll all the way down to where I left off the time before.  Yes, Pinterest is the newest time suck in my life, but it isn't all for naught.  I am constantly inspired by the bright and creative images I see.  

Like, forever ago, I pinned this image of a handmade leather purse (unfortunately no longer available on Etsy). 
I liked the simplicity and the depth of the color, and I can't resist trees and scenery.  While I am not about to make a leather purse, I had hoped to make some kind of paper craft reminiscent of this image.

A few weeks ago I got a wild hair and picked up some watercolor paper and paints at the craft store.  Now mind you, I haven't painted with watercolors since middle school art class.  I am more of a stick figure kind of gal and paint intimidates me.  I quickly found out that watercolors are pretty forgiving.  I think watercolors and I are now friends.  Check it out--

Using watercolors, I painted a 5"x7" piece of watercolor paper using various shades of blue.  The moon is made with EC Shape Studio Tool Round 25 and matching bubble cap.  I added die cut a silhouette of a tree and the piece was finished!

Don't be afraid to give something new a try!

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Epiphany Crafts Supplies
Shape Studio Tool Round 25
Shape Studio Accessory Round 25 bubble cap

Other Supplies
Watercolor paper and paints (Nicole Crafts)
Yellow cardstock (DCWV)
Black Cardstock (GP)
Bare tree branch Silhouette file by Jamie Koay


  1. Ooooo....I love it, Amanda!! The nighttime sky is so cool. I can't believe you haven't watercolored since middle school because it looks so fab.

  2. Amanda this is sooooo gorgeous! you are braver than I am.. paints intimidate me as well! i am already a follower of yours on pinterest but never really take the time anymore to go on there and really see whats out there. After this post of yours, I am going to do just that to see what inspires me!


  3. Love what you were inspired to create. The water coloring looks great and that moon is so clever.
    paper compulsions

  4. I think I shall start following you on Pinterest. I have been so inspired by Pinterest, so many great ideas, when I finish here going straight to Pinteret to look for an Eggplant recipe. Love, love, love your watercolored picture, makes me want to pull out my watercolors...:)


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