Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Handmade Gift Bag Silhouette Tutorial with FREE SVG Cut File

Hello!  A few weeks ago I created a mint and coral gift bag and offered a free studio cut file (hooray!).  I had a few requests for an SVG file and today I am pleased to offer--after a few weeks of tinkering with Inkscape--a free SVG cut file for this gift bag (more hooray!).  And since I don't cut many SVG files with my Silhouette CAMEO, I have also included a brief tutorial on how to open and cut SVG files with Silhouette Designer Edition.  

Handmade Gift Bag

FREE Gift Bag SVG Cut File |
Gift bags are easy to cut and assemble, making them perfect for last minute gift giving.  Cut at full size, the gift bag measures approx. 4"x5.25"x1.75".  It is easy to resize the cut file making it smaller, too.  The little bee gift bag measures just 4" tall making it perfect for a gift card.  

Washi Tape Gift Bag Handles |
The bag handles are made out of two strips of washi tape stuck together.  This striped washi tape from Doodlebug creates a gingham pattern when two strips are put together.  I attached the handles with some colored mini staples and a tiny stapler, but you could also attach them with adhesive or eyelets.  

Buzzing Bees Gift Bag and Tag |
Embellish your bag with die cuts, tags, and twine.  These cute little bees are part of Pebbles' Garden Party collection.  Aren't they adorable? 

Fold gift bag along perforations |
To assemble the bag, start by folding the edges of the bag and adhering the seam.  Turn the bag upside down and fold in the sides, creating two flaps on either side of the bag.  Apply adhesive around the edges of the flaps.  

Fold bottom of gift bag and adhere |
Fold the flaps in and adhere together to create the bag bottom.  TIP: Place one hand inside the bag to help create a good seal. 

Fold in sides of gift bag |
Gently pinch the sides of the bag together to crease the sides of the bag.  Now your bag is ready to embellish and stuff with goodies! 

Silhouette SVG Tutorial

Open SVG in Silhouette Designer Edition |
When you open the free gift bag cut file svg, it will look like this--a big, blue rectangle.  So far, so good. 

Open SVG File in Silhouette Designer Edition |
Next, you want to select the entire blue area by dragging a box around rectangle with your mouse.  When the entire area is selected, little white squares will show up around the border of the rectangle.

Open SVG File in Silhouette Designer Edition and group elements |
After the entire area is selected, right click on the rectangle and select Group from the menu.  Doing this ensures that all of the gift bag svg cut file components will resize proportionately. 

Open SVG File in Silhouette Designer Edition and show cut lines |
Now that everything is grouped, you want to be able to see the cut lines.  Click on the blade icon near the upper right corner of your screen.  In the Cut Settings menu, select Advanced.  Black dashes and lines will appear showing where your Silhouette will cut.

Open SVG File in Silhouette Designer Edition and resize file |
Select the entire gift bag cut file by clicking on the blue rectangle once.  Click and drag the corners to resize your file to fit on the cut mat.  Make the gift bag cut file even smaller to create a bitty bag.  After your file is resized, select your medium from the menu and you are ready to cut!

Free SVG Cut File

Free Gift Bag SVG and PDF Cut File |
Click HERE or visit my Freebies Page at the top of my blog to download a free SVG, PDF, or .studio3 file to use in your electronic die cutting machine.  I'd love to see what you make with this file!  Stop by my Facebook page and leave a link to your creations! 

Happy creating!


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Monday, May 19, 2014

3 Ways to Use Decorative Tape on Cards

And then there was washi tape.  These pretty little rolls of patterned tape took the crafty world by storm.  Much to a hoarders crafters delight, they were inexpensive and came in more patterns than you could imagine.  I am a sucker for decorative tape and have WAY more rolls than I'll ever know what to do with.  Decorative tape isn't just made of paper anymore.  Today I am sharing 3 ways to use decorative tape on cards.  Go beyond using a strip of decorative tape here or there.  Get creative and make your tape work for YOU! 

3 Ways to Use Decorative Tape on Cards

Create Layered Stripes

Graphic Washi Tape Stripes Card |
I am a sucker for love cards sans hearts--they are perfect for any recipient and are suitable for giving at any time of the year.  Inspired by THIS pin, I created a simple, graphic card using only narrow washi tape, cardstock and a sentiment stamp.

Graphic Washi Tape Stripes Card closeup |
There was really no rhyme or reason as to how I placed the strips of washi tape on the card.  I simply started by alternating colors and then filling in the blanks with additional strips of washi tape.  That's it, really.

Create border with washi tape |
To create a nice, crisp border around the card I created a cutting guide by adhering strips of washi tape to each side of the card.

Trim excess washi tape with a craft knife |
I adhered the strips of narrow washi tape to my card base making sure they overlapped my cutting guides.  When all the tape was in place, I gently cut along the guide with a craft knife to remove the excess tape.  Press gently when cutting so you only cut through the washi layer!

Fussy Cut Duck Tape

Dill With It pickle Duck Tape birthday card |
We all know people who would rather forget their birthday.  Every. Single. Year.  Well, now there's a card for that.  Kinda like the time I told my husband I didn't want flowers for Mother's Day (but I really did), so he didn't get any (and I cried), it's okay to give birthday cards to those who would rather not celebrate.  They'll just have to suck it up and "dill with it".

DESIGN NOTE: I rotated the patterned paper panels so the lines would draw your eye toward the pickle jar from the top and bottom of the card.  Try it sometime.

Dill With It smiling pickle Duck Tape pickle jar craft |
Hehe!  A jar full of smiling pickles makes me giggle.  I broke out my Dear Lizzy jar stamp and stamped the jar in two different colors.  This is where I could also insert a joke about the Utah accent.  But I won't.

Dill with it pickle Duck Tape craft |
Rather than fussy cut directly from the pickle Duck Tape, adhere strips of tape to a piece of cardstock first.  I also recommend using non-stick scissors so the tape doesn't gum up your regular scissors.  I used my titanium Scotch non-stick scissors to cut the Duck Tape strips and my non-stock Cutter Bee scissors to fussy cut the pickles.

Die Cut Washi Tape

You Are So Fresh die cut washi tape fruit card |
Bright fruit just screams SUMMERTIME!  It won't be long before our local farmer's market is open and we can enjoy a sampling of the freshest local produce.  The brightly colored fruit contrasts nicely with the dark, bold sentiment.  And by fresh I mean awesome, like the Fresh Prince.  Now you'll have that song in your head all day.  You're welcome.

Die cut striped washi tape fruit on a card |
On its own, a single strip of washi tape doesn't lend itself to die cutting.  But, if you layer a bunch of washi tape on a piece of paper, you have a whole new medium to die cut.  I just knew these little fruit dies would look so cute turned into brightly colored, stripey fruit.  Isn't that little berry the cutest?

Adhere washi tape to paper and die cut |
Creating a sheet of washi tape paper is easy.  Simply line up strips of washi tape on a piece of scrap paper.  That's it.  Lots of washi tape is designed to line up side by side allowing you to make a larger pattern.

Die cut washi tape negatives |
Die cut the washi paper just as you would regular patterned paper.  Alternate the angle of your die as you go if you want stripes that go in different directions on each piece of fruit.

You know what's extra fun about these cards?  I have submitted each one to the Open Auditions round of Gallery Idol 2014--a card making contest sponsored by Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine.  Click HERE for details on how to submit your own contest entries and click HERE to see entries already submitted.

3 Ways to Use Washi Tape On Cards |

Happy creating!


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday Boy Party Cupcakes

A little while ago I bought a blue raspberry cake mix and frosting at the grocery store for no other reason than it looked fun and different.  The original plan was to make them for the kids as a fun treat, but as soon as I saw the Hip Hip Hooray collection from Doodlebug, I knew my bright cake mix and frosting would make fun and bright birthday boy party cupcake display. 

Birthday Boy Party Cupcakes

Birthday Boy Party Cupcake Display |
I like making cupcakes for birthdays because they are way harder to screw up than a cake.  All you need to create a fun cupcake display is a simple birthday banner (just stickers) and some fun cupcake wrappers and toppers to each individual cupcake.  Doodlebug makes party cupcakes extra easy with their Pixie collections

Cupcake Mini Birthday Banner |
Create a simple banner by wrapping white paper straws with striped washi tape and inserting them into a pair of cupcakes.  Adhere the banner stickers to twine and tie around the straws.  This birthday banner would look amazing atop a birthday cake, too. 

Cupcake mini birthday banner assembly |
Making the birthday banner is super easy.  To make the banner, lay a length of baker's twine on your work surface and affix the stickers to the twine.  You may want to use a non-stick surface such as a non-stick craft sheet or piece of wax paper to keep the stickers from grabbing onto your work surface.  Tie the banner to the straws after you have inserted the straws into the cupcakes.  

Plaid cupcake wrapper and flags |
Each cupcake is wrapped with a die cut plaid wrapper and topped with a Doodlebug Pixie flag or two.  Super cute! 

Die cut paper cupcake stand |
Add dimension to your display by placing the banner cupcakes on paper cupcake stands.  While it looks complicated, the cupcake stand is made using the 3d cupcake stand cut file from the Silhouette store.  Adhere each of the pieces together with a tape runner and voila! you have a darling cupcake stand.  

Birthday Boy Party Cupcake Display |

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Happy celebrating! 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Light Bulb Paper Flower Bouquet

I love making paper flowers all year long, but they are especially delightful to make for Mother's Day.  Inspired by a host of light bulb flower bouquets I have seen on Pinterest, I created a light bulb paper flower bouquet using a plastic light bulb I found at the craft store.  Paper flower bouquets are delightful as home decor and would make a lovely wedding centerpiece.   

Light Bulb Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Light Bulb Bouquet |
I have paper flowers all over my house--in my bedroom, craft room, and even on the dining room table.   They don't require any maintenance and when (not if) my kids or pets wreck them, it is a relatively minor loss.

Pretty bouquets don't have to be large or complicated.  A few pretty blooms in a small bud vase makes for a lovely centerpiece or table decor.  I die cut and assembled three small flowers for this light bulb bud vase.  Although I used solid paper for the petals, these flowers would be just as delightful if made with patterned paper.  

Each flower is composed of several circle die cuts.  I gently folded back each petal with a pair of tweezers to add more dimension.  I embrace the little tears in the paper as I think they make the flowers look more authentic.  

The paper flower petals are held together with coordinating metal brads.  I hand-cut a few leaves and adhered them to the back of each flower.  

The original cap on the light bulb had a closed top so I replaced the top with a piece of gold foil paper I ran through a paper crimper.  

Each flower is adhered to a floral wire stem.  Using some pliers, I bent the top of the wire stem into a small loop and then flattened out the loop as best as I could.  

I adhered the stems to the flowers by placing an unsightly blob of hot glue on the back of the flower.  I held the stem in place for a few seconds while the glue cooled.  

Paper Flower Light Bulb Bouquet |

A small paper flower bouquet staged in a plastic light bulb would make a lovely piece of home decor or even a wedding centerpiece.  Where would you place a paper bouquet in your home? 
Happy crafting! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Scrap Your Cat Pocket Page Layout

Here on the farm we have, at last count, 36 animals and 2 kids.  This means that I take more pictures of my animals than my kids.  To help celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, I am joining the Pebbles Design Team in a fun blog hop.  I compiled a few pictures of my favorite kitty and decided to scrap my cat in a pocket page layout.  

Of the five (yes, five) cats we have, Milo is my favorite.  He was the first of the cats to come live with us and we have had him for nearly four years now.  As a wee kitten he would sleep on my pillow every night.  Even now, at a tubby 17 lbs., he still likes to sleep on my pillow from time to time. 

Scrap Your Cat Pocket Page Layout

Last summer was our first summer here at Lazy River Acres Farm.  One day I was headed out to the garden and I saw Milo acting quite strangely.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that he was eating and rolling in an itty bitty catnip plant.  As you can tell from the picture above, it was truly his best day ever.  

I paired some sweet journaling cards from Pebbles Front Porch collection to make a silly layout about Milo's experience with the catnip.  In his tiny, little pea-brain, I am sure it was bliss.  

Doesn't he look happy as a dumb clam?  With spring well on its way, I am sure that little catnip plant is not too far behind.  I think I know where Milo will be this spring...

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Happy National Scrapbooking Day!