Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Light Bulb Paper Flower Bouquet

I love making paper flowers all year long, but they are especially delightful to make for Mother's Day.  Inspired by a host of light bulb flower bouquets I have seen on Pinterest, I created a light bulb paper flower bouquet using a plastic light bulb I found at the craft store.  Paper flower bouquets are delightful as home decor and would make a lovely wedding centerpiece.   

Light Bulb Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Light Bulb Bouquet |
I have paper flowers all over my house--in my bedroom, craft room, and even on the dining room table.   They don't require any maintenance and when (not if) my kids or pets wreck them, it is a relatively minor loss.

Pretty bouquets don't have to be large or complicated.  A few pretty blooms in a small bud vase makes for a lovely centerpiece or table decor.  I die cut and assembled three small flowers for this light bulb bud vase.  Although I used solid paper for the petals, these flowers would be just as delightful if made with patterned paper.  

Each flower is composed of several circle die cuts.  I gently folded back each petal with a pair of tweezers to add more dimension.  I embrace the little tears in the paper as I think they make the flowers look more authentic.  

The paper flower petals are held together with coordinating metal brads.  I hand-cut a few leaves and adhered them to the back of each flower.  

The original cap on the light bulb had a closed top so I replaced the top with a piece of gold foil paper I ran through a paper crimper.  

Each flower is adhered to a floral wire stem.  Using some pliers, I bent the top of the wire stem into a small loop and then flattened out the loop as best as I could.  

I adhered the stems to the flowers by placing an unsightly blob of hot glue on the back of the flower.  I held the stem in place for a few seconds while the glue cooled.  

Paper Flower Light Bulb Bouquet |

A small paper flower bouquet staged in a plastic light bulb would make a lovely piece of home decor or even a wedding centerpiece.  Where would you place a paper bouquet in your home? 
Happy crafting! 


  1. What a cute idea! I love it :)

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