Saturday, June 14, 2014

Easy DIY Personalized Game Pieces

If your house is anything like ours, game pieces come and go, but they mostly go.  They disappear into the deepest crevices of the couch and into the mouths of dogs.  I am not sure if we have a single game that has all of its original game pieces and/or dice.  We are always stealing pieces from one game just so we can play another.  While I have yet to solve the problem of missing dice, I have finally solved the problem of missing and/or mangled game pieces!  Make your own easy DIY personalized game pieces with some cute prints and some binder clips.  And when the dog eats them (as ours did immediately after I made these), just whip up another in no time at all.  

Easy DIY Personalized Game Pieces

Easy DIY Game Pieces |
We love playing board games as a family at our house.  When I saw my custom family characters on my Me & My Peeps notes, I thought they would make darling game pieces.  Choosing the characters was so much fun.  There were dozens of characters to choose from, each having a different hobby or personality trait.   

DIY Personalized Game Pieces |
My kids thought the game pieces were so much fun!  It was nice to replace our missing/chewed up/broken original game pieces with custom game pieces for every member of the family.  My hope is that we'll be able to keep them in one place and use them for all of our board games.  

Start with two Me & My Peeps folded notes.  You can customize your own note cards with characters that look like your family members.  You get to choose from a large variety of characters and pick hair, skin, and clothing colors for each family member.  So cute!  The colorful characters really pop on the bright white cardstock which is really sturdy so it is sure to hold up in the mail or in the hands of little kids.

DIY Personalized game pieces how-to |
Cut two of each character into a 1 1/4" wide strip and adhere them back-to-back.

DIY Personalized game pieces how-to |
Trace a 1 1/4" diameter circle punch onto each game piece and trim away the excess.

Personalized game pieces |
Now your cute little peeps are ready for binder clips.

Spray paint binder clips
Remove the handles from the binder clips and spray paint.  If you are lucky enough to find white or decorative clips, bonus!

Adhere washi tape to binder clips |
After the spray paint is dry, add a piece of washi tape to each binder clip.  I customized the binder clips with everyone's favorite color.

Insert binder clip handles |
Insert the clip handles by gently pinching the ends together and sliding them into the openings.

Clip game piece in binder clip |
Secure the game piece in the binder clip.

DIY binder clip game piece |
Remove the handles from the binder clip and your custom game piece is finished!

Personalized game pieces DIY |
Time to play!  The binder clips balance easily and make a cool clicking sound when you move them from space to space.

Easy DIY Game Pieces |

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  1. Our family loves Monopoly and Scrabble.

  2. So cute - love those clips!!

    So happy to have found you through the giveaway. I'm in Coeur d'Alene so it's nice to find other ID bloggers. (even if we are still pretty far apart) :)

  3. Our family loves the new Marvel Heroes dice game!!

  4. I like Popper & Mimi on facebook!

  5. I follow Popper & Mimi on Pinterest!!

  6. I follow your blog via email subscription!!

  7. We are at the Chutes and Ladders stage right now.

  8. Love the game pieces Amanda! One our all time favorite family games is sorry. Although connect four is a close second.

  9. And of course I follow your blog! :)

  10. WE have been playing a lot of sheephead lately. It's good to keep the brain going with counting!!

  11. I LOVE this idea! I know my kids would love it too. We surprisingly are pretty good about keeping the pieces of games together, but this is just so much more fun. I have the same note cards. I will definitely have to make some of these. :)

  12. This is such a cool idea - I pinned it to come back to. Off to have a browse around the rest of your blog now.


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