Monday, June 9, 2014

Unexpected Card Embellishments

When I make cards and crafts, I draw my inspiration from all kinds of things whether it be nature, design, or clever products.  I love collecting eclectic bits and pieces to incorporate into my crafts.  Sometimes these finds lead to unexpected card embellishments.  You never know when that funny food wrapper will come in handy! 

Unexpected Card Embellishments |

Unexpected Card Embellishment: Straw

Hay is for Horses Card
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we recently adopted a horse.  We are quite fond of old Olympus.  Having a horse is new for all of us and so far we are having a lot of fun getting to know him and how to take care of him.  

When I was in the barn one day, I got looking at straw bales.  Could I use straw on a card?  What about a piece of home decor?  Not knowing how I would use it, I brought a few pieces and left them on my desk for a few days.  As I was sorting some supplies, I found this cute horse sticker and knew it would pair wonderfully with the straw.  

Using straw as an embellishment
I placed some bits of straw under the horses mouth and used some as an embellishment on the top of the card.  I stitched the straw right to the card as I ran it through my sewing machine.  

Unexpected Card Embellishment: Food Packaging

Rustic Holy Mackeral Card
In my whole life I have never eaten mackerel, either fresh or canned.  I don't even remember where I got this mackerel label (probably in a grocery store parking lot), but when I saw it I was drawn to its bright colors and fun icons.  I paired it with a distressed wood background to give the card a rustic seaside feel. 

Using food packaging as a card embellishment
I covered the portion above mackerel with a piece of cardstock and added some alpha stickers to complete the sentiment.  I added some bronze star embellishments to compliment the rustic feel of the card.  

You know what else I love?  Unexpected flavor pairings.  I love trying new flavor combinations when I cook so I was really excited when I heard about Crest Be toothpaste in three new flavors: lime spearmint, vanilla mint, and mint chocolate.  I recently had the chance to try all three new flavors of Crest Be toothpaste and I was quite impressed.  Of the three flavors, the lime spearmint zest was my favorite.  Such a fun flavor surprise, yet not too overwhelming. 

What inspires you to be unexpected?  Use #BeUnexpected and share your most unexpected moments!  

May you find joy in the unexpected!


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  1. Way cool cards - the horse card is just the sweetest thing ever and the holy mackerel card has got to be one of the coolest cards ever!! Way to go on using ideas from things around you!! You are really quite clever!!
    Taunya Butler at


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