Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tea Light Winter Village Paper Craft

Happy Wednesday!  My Cricut Explore™  and I have been hard at work making winter wonderland crafts to help make my house merry and bright this holiday season.  Although Halloween has yet to pass, I can't help but dig into my Christmas papers and supplies and start creating projects for Christmas.  For my Cricut Design Space™ Star Round 3 project I made a tea light winter village paper craft that you can use to dress up a holiday mantel, table, or even use as a centerpiece.

Make a tea light winter village paper craft to decorate your house during the holidays |

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Make Spooky Halloween Scene Cards with Stickers

I can hardly believe that Halloween is almost here.  I am seriously hoping that the weather holds out for a couple more weeks.  Few things suck more than trick-or-treating with kids when it is 25ºF and snowing. 

Okay, now that my whining is out of the way, I can get around to sharing some super fun (and a little spooky) Halloween cards that I have been working on this past week.  I love making cards with scenes.  There is just something so quaint about miniature paper trees, animals, houses, rolling hills, etc.  Making scenes on cards makes me feel artsy, like I actually have a grasp on depth and dimension.  Artsy-fartsy-ness aside, it is just plain fun.  Grab your favorite set of stickers and get creating!

Make Spooky Halloween Scene Cards with Stickers

Create Halloween scene cards with stickers and patterned paper

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Make Pumpkin Purée (and What Not To Do)

For the past couple of years here on the farm, we have done a lot of experimenting in our garden.  Each year we grow different crops to see what we like, what is worth the effort, and what actually grows.  We have grown leeks, cucumbers (almost), asparagus, squashes of all types, peas, beans, and corn, to name a few.  The ultimate goal is to decide what we like best, decide what is worth the effort, and continue to grow those crops in the future for maximum efficiency and minimal frustration.  

Having successfully grown large jack-o-lantern pumpkins in the past, we decided to grow sugar pumpkins (AKA pie pumpkins) this year to add to our winter food stores.  For years adopted the Martha Stewart philosophy that canned pumpkin purée is just as good as fresh pumpkin purée.  While I won't argue that this may be true from a taste perspective, it is not nearly as satisfying as learning how to make pumpkin purée.  

How to Make Fresh Pumpkin Purée (and what not to do)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Party Decor

Every year I want to host a Halloween party for my kids and their friends, but I don't.  My overwhelming desire to do nothing takes over and my kids are lucky to get help throwing together a too-small, last-minute Halloween costume.  Somehow I managed to get my act into gear last week and ended up making an entire set of Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween party decor.  Clearly I was avoiding something to have been cooped up in my craft room for that long.  

Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Party Decor

Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Party |