Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock

I love analog clocks.  The louder the obnoxious tick-tock, the better.  And cuckoo clocks?  Don't get me started.  I have at least one clock in every room of the house.  You know that scene in the beginning of Back to the Future in Doc Brown's garage?  I would love to have a wall full of eclectic tick-tocking clocks someday.   

Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock

DIY Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock

One of my favorite ways to decorate my house is by making my own clocks.  Although it may seem intimidating at first, making clocks is pretty easy and definitely inexpensive.  My fellow teammates on Cricut Design Space Star Team 10 and I chose The Twelve Days of Christmas as our creative theme this month.  One of the first ideas that popped into my head was to use the icons from each verse of the song as a number on the clock.  

DIY Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock
After finding these Twelve Days of Christmas icons in the Cricut Explore Cut List, I decided to create a clock with a crisp, modern feel.  And what says modern and Christmas more than gold foil?  Not to mention that the gold foil coordinated with the clock mechanism I happened to have on hand.  

DIY Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock
I also trimmed the edge of the clock in gold foil to contrast with the white clock face.  I love the way it looks when it reflects light.  

DIY Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock
I love the finished look of the metallic gold against the matte white clock face.  Darn it if gold foil isn't the most impossible thing to photograph.  You'll just have to trust me that the contrast more stunning in person.  

How to Make a Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock

Start with a basic wooden clock base.  You can find them at just about any craft store.  This clock base is 10" across and 3/4" wide.  Note the width of your clock base when picking out a clock mechanism.  

You can paint your clock base, stain it, Mod Podge paper to it, leave it raw, whatever you want.  After sampling a few paint finishes on the back of the clock, I decided to paint the face with a couple coats of white chalky finish paint.  

The next thing  I did was adhere 3/4" strips of gold foil paper to the edge of my clock.  Just like the face of the clock, you can treat the edge of your clock however you wish.  

To determine the size of each of the Twelve Days icons for the face of the clock, I drew a 10" circle in Cricut Design Space™ and placed them in their approximate position on the clock.  I resized the icons until I found a relatively uniform size that worked for each icon.   
Die cut each Twelve Days icon from gold foil paper and they're ready to be adhered to your clock face.  I was totally impressed with how the Cricut Explore™ cut out the tiny curl on the partridge and the fingers on the lord-a-leaping.

After I die cut all of the icons, I separated them and placed them on the clock face near their position.  TIP: Center your clock on the grid on your cutting mat for precise placement of all of the icons.  

Using the grid on my cutting mat as a guide, start by placing the images at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock.  I eyeballed the placement of the other icons since I wanted a more overall uniform appearance than a technically correct one.   TIP:  Use the die cut negative as a guide by placing it next to where you want the icon.

Once all of your images have been adhered to the clock face, you are ready to install the clock mechanism.  

Lay out all of your clock pieces in order that they need to be assembled, starting with the mechanism and ending with the second hand.  You can find clock kits at many craft stores.  If you are looking for something more modern, I recommend searching online for clock kits.  

DIY Modern Twelve Days of Christmas Clock
I can't wait to hang this up as part of my Christmas décor this holiday season.   If you love clocks, too, check out my Clock & Watches Pinterest board.  

Happy Holidays!


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  1. What a way cool idea and great instructions on how to do this!! I love the way you made it look so doable!! I think I could make a clock for my craft room - which is much needed - sometimes I lose track of time when I am in there!! You are very clever and I love that you came up with this idea!!

  2. Amanda this clock is gorgeous! Brilliant idea to use the 12 days of Christmas icons from the song as your numbers! I really like the gold foil look, very striking.


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