Monday, July 21, 2014

Peaches and Cream Argyle Embroidery Hoop Decor

I am a huge fan of embroidery hoop decor.  They are inexpensive and fun and easy to make.  They are lovely as individual pieces or art or grouped together in clusters.  Inspired by the delicious peaches in Chickaniddy Crafts' Twirly Girly collection, I made a peaches and cream argyle embroidery hoop decor piece to brighten up my kitchen.

Peaches and Cream Argyle Embroidery Hoop Decor

Peaches & Cream Embroidery Hoop Decor |

Nothing says summer quite like fresh, juicy peaches.  It was love at first sight when I first saw the peaches in the Twirly Girly collection.  I knew they had to be front and center on a project.  

Stitched paper argyle pattern |
I machine-stitched the diamond argyle pattern, but it would look just as lovely with hand-drawn faux stitching.

Paper peach die cuts and flower brads |
I adhered one large peach and two small peaches to the hoop, using varying heights of foam squares to add dimension.  I couldn't resist the darling flower brads and added a few of those, too.

Seam binding double bow |
After I added the peaches and flowers, I used by Bow-Easy bow maker to make a sweet double bow to adhere to the top of the hoop.

Create an argyle pattern with patterned paper |
To create the argyle pattern I first traced the hoop onto a piece of cardstock.  Next, I die cut diamonds from patterned paper and adhered them to the cardstock.  Afraid that adhesive will gum up my sewing machine, I strategically placed the adhesive near the corners of the diamonds where I knew I wouldn't be stitching.  

Stitched paper argyle pattern |
I machine-stitched the diamonds with a dark thread that contrasted nicely with the lighter diamonds.  I just kept flipping and rotating the sheet as I completed one row of stitching.  I wasn't worried about how the edges looked as I would be trimming the excess later. 

Trim excess paper from embroidery hoop |
After stitching the diamonds, I adhered the inner hoop to the back of the cardstock with liquid adhesive.  After the hoop dried, I trimmed away the excess paper with a craft knife.  TIP: Place a book on top of the hoop while the adhesive dries.  

Peaches & Cream Embroidery Hoop Decor |
I secured the outer hoop to the inner hoop before adding my bow and embellishments.  

Peaches & Cream Embroidery Hoop Decor |
Now I have a pretty piece of decor that will brighten up my space all year long.  

Happy crafting!


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paper Cafe Lights Garland Tutorial

Inspired by a host of pretty cafe lights images on Pinterest, I have been wanting to create a paper cafe lights garland for quite some time.  There is just something so romantic and lovely about strings of bright lights twisting and weaving around a large room or outdoor space.  When I found My Favorite Things Die-namics Lightbulb die designed by Laina Lamb, I knew it was perfect for what I had in mind.  

Cafe Lights Garland

Paper Cafe Lights Garland |
The hardest part of this project was deciding what color to make the lights.  At first I tried a short string of white lights, and then I tried a string of yellow lights.  Both were fun, but I wanted something with a little more color.  I ended up playing around with colored cardstock and the pastel colored lights were my favorite.  

I die cut and assembled a bunch of colored light bulbs and strung them together with some baker's twine.  The result was a brightly colored garland that I can use for celebratory occasion or just to add some fun to a regular ol' space. 

Paper Cafe Light Garland |
Once the light bulbs are strung, it is easy to adjust the distance between them.  If you are creating a garland for a large area, space the light bulbs further apart.

Paper Cafe Light Garland |
I used a soft color palette so the garland wouldn't seem too thematic.  Tone down the garland a bit by using all white or all yellow cardstock.  It would also be easy and fun to create a garland with bright Christmas tree light colors.  

Paper Cafe Lights Garland Tutorial

Paper Cafe Light Garland die cuts |
The Die-namics light bulb fits easily on a 2"x3" piece of cardstock allowing you to cut 24 light bulbs from a single sheet of 12"x12" cardstock.  I die cut the white filaments from scrap white cardstock and the bulb ends from light gray cardstock.  I was able to speed up my die cutting by cutting two pieces of cardstock at a time.  

Paper Cafe Light Garland supplies |
To assemble your light bulbs you will need a tape runner and a glue pen.  I also like to use tweezers to help me grab the little die cuts.

Paper Cafe Light Garland assembly |
Assemble the light bulb die cuts by first adhering the screw top piece to the top of the light bulb.  Adhere the filament and punch two holes into the end of the light bulb.  I used a screw punch to punch the holes into the top of the light bulb, but a regular punch would work just as well.

Stiffen ends of twine with Fray Check |
Rather than thread a needle, apply Fray Check to the end of your twine.  After it is dry, the twine will be stiff enough to easily thread through the holes in the light bulb.  Hooray for not having to put the twine ends in your mouth!

Paper Cafe Lights Garland |
Cute and versatile, you can use your cafe lights garland for almost any occasion.  They would make lovely wedding or birthday party decor.  Be sure to hover over the image above to pin this image for later.

Happy summer!


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