Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Embroidery Hoop Wreath Ornaments

I love making handmade Christmas ornaments.  I look forward to adding to our collection each year.  Embroidery hoop ornaments are my favorite type of ornament to make because they just ooze handmade charm (in a good way).  My Christmas tree may not be color coordinated or matchy-matchy, but it sure does bring back a lot of sweet Christmas memories.  

Mini Embroidery Hoop Wreath Ornaments

Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1
Paper holiday wreaths come in a wide variety of themes and can be made out of just about any material.   I had some fun with patterned paper from the Home for Christmas collection by Pebbles Inc. and put together a couple of mini wreath ornaments for the Christmas tree.
Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1I am a huge sucker for red and white striped peppermints.  Using regular ol’ circle punches (3/4″ and 1/2″) I punched out several peppermints from a sheet of 12″x12″ paper and adhered them to a DIY wreath base (instructions below).  I adhered a satin bow and made a loop by adhering a piece of ribbon to the back of the ornament.
Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1I added some texture and dimension to the wreath by popping up the smaller punched peppermints with foam.  And although I had fully intended to save them for later, I also added some peppermint enamel dots.  Don't they look yummy?
Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1Don't worry if you don’t have a mini embroidery hoop.  You can also die cut several rings from chipboard and adhere them together to make a sturdy wreath base.  So easy.
Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1Having made full-size paper leaf wreaths before, I thought it would be fun to shrink everything down and make a mini paper leaf wreath ornament.  I simply punched a bunch of holly leaves from patterned paper and adhered them to an embroidery hoop.  Voila!
Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1After gluing the broken embroidery hoop back together, I affixed glue dots around the hoop in small sections.  Starting near the top of the hoop, I adhered the leaves to the glue dots, making sure to vary the orientation of the leaves as I went along.  Don’t forget to add a pretty bow.
Mini Wreath Ornaments by @amanda_coleman1
Happy Holidays! 


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  1. Omygersh! So cute!!! I need to make these with my girls!

  2. Gorgeous and cute ornaments!!! I love mini hoop arts! And using chipboards is a great idea :)


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