Enjoy these free goodies!  Please link back to this page if using any of these files for a blog, publication, etc., project.  All original digital files are Copyright Amanda Coleman Designs/Popper & Mimi 2011-2015 and are not available for commercial use.  Thanks!  

COMING SOON! Crepe Paper Poinsettia (PDF, jpeg)

Ghosts & Ghouls Sentiment (PDFjpeg)

Oven Cupcake Box (SVGPDF, .studio3)
Cupcake Box Insert (PDF)
Mini Clock Printable (PDF)

3D gift bag (.studioSVGPDF)

Preggo Gift Jar Sentiment (PDFdocstudio)

Peanuts Card Set (jpeg, PDF, studio)

Fedora Party Hat Pattern (jpegPDF)

Happy Birthday Eye Chart Sentiment (jpeg and PDF)

Farm Animal Pictures 


  1. Can anyone make a .svg out of this? I need that kind of file

    Thanks Patti

  2. Can you make a pdf file for the gift bag? Thank you.


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